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Diethyl Phthalate

      FORMULA: C12H14O4

      MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 222.24

      CAS Number: 84-66-2

      Nature and usage:
      Colorless, transparent oily liquid, slight aromatic odor, viscosity 12cp (20C), refractive 
      index 1.499-1.502(20C).
      Good fixative in fragrances, and also can be used as solvent of synthetic musks.
      Good compatibility with most of ethylene and cellulosic resins. Plasticizer for    
      cellulosic resins, granting a good softening and long-lasting property at low
      If combined with DMP, it may increas the water-durability and elasticity of the product.
      Also used as a perfume diluent, emollient, fixing agent in gas chromatography.
      Color: 25 max
      Density g/cm3 @ 20C: 1.120+/-0.002
      Acidity mgKOH/g: 0.010% max
      Flash point: 155 C
      colority after heat-treat APHA: 40 max 
      Ester content: 99.5% min
      refractive index 20C: 1.499-1.502
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