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UF membrane
UF membrane operation condition and output water quality
Operating condition
Maxinmum inlet turbidity
50NTU max
Operating inlet pressure
cross-flow or dead - end filtration
TMP,(20 degree)
Maxinmum TMP
Operating PH
Operating temperature
5-45 degree
Continuous rudimental Chlorin chroma
Inrerim rudimental Chlorin chroma
  output water index
output water turbidity
0.1NTU max
1 max
dispel rate of SS
animalcule, bacilli, pathogeny
back wash design
back wash pressure
water flux of back wash
back wash frequency
Every 20-60 minutes
back wash time
30-60 seconds
CEB frequency
suggest you add liquidmedicine when backwash
CEB time
30-60 seconds
chemical cleaning design
chemical cleaning design frequency
Every 1-4 months or TMP>0.15
chemical cleaning pressure
chemical cleaning flux
chemical cleaning time
Every 60-90 minutes
acid cleaning medicament
citric acid or oxalic acid
alkali cleaning medicament
NaoH liquor(PH=2)
saving of UF membrane
new membrane before using
halt using in 7 days
Infuse UF water or water mixing with RO water and NaclO(10ppm)
halt using above 7 days
Chemical cleaning ,then infuse 69% UF water(/RO water) 1% NaHSO3 +30% glycerin
UF system design guideline
1.original liquid water quality: original liquid type, turbidity,temperature, COD, PH.
2. Requirements: output quantity, output water quality standard, return rate.
3. Orientation of project designing: invest cost, output water quality standard, running cost.
Brief state of application of  UF system
1. Application of pure water, ultrapure water and purify water
2. Application of city sewage recycling
3. Application of industrial waste water
4. Application of special separation, concentrating.
5. Application of drink water
Applicable sphere: Mineral water, pure water, tap water, country drink water. Pretreatment of Ro membrane.
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