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Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)

Product Description

Colorless ,transparent liquid , boiling point 282/0.1Mpa,freezing point 0,refraction index:1.516,none-hazardous and non-corrosive.

Product Feature

Soluble with many fibrin resins, rubber and ethylene resins.Has good filming,water-proofing and agglutinability.

Product Specified/Models

Color 15 max
Density 1.191-1.196g/cm3
Acidity 0.008% max
Flash Point 135 min
Heating Stability 30 max
Ester content 99.0%min


A member of the phthalic acid ester plasticizer ,imparts flexibility and impacts strength of plastics.It can mix to dissolve with alcohol, ether and others organic solvent, cannot dissolve in water and petroleum ether. This product is a kind of plasticizer that can dissolve various resin, it can dissolve various cellulose resin, rubber and ethylene base resin, is good at film-forming property, adhesion ability and waterproof property.Widely used in MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) production and acrylic emulsion/latex production. Used as a solvent in lacquer and paint as a dye carrier,as a textile lubricating agent and solid rocket propellent .This product compound with Diethyl phthalate frequently, suit for use in produce cellulose acetate product such as film, varnish, cellophane paper and molding powder, it can also use for plasticizer of nitrile rubber (NBR). When mix with other plasticizers, it can surmount those shortcoming such as high volatility and crystallization at low temperature etc.. It is also used as the solvent for poly(vinyl fluoride)coating and glow-stick production and as an ingredient of insect repellent.

Payment Delivery Origin
D/P AT SIGHT OR T/T 30 DAYS after order accepted CHINA
Minimum Order Packaging Inspection
20-22.5mt ISO-TANKS / 230kg iron drums / 1200kg IBC drum  None specified


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