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Triallyl isocyanurate(TAIC)


Chemical name: Triallyl isocyanurate
Abbreviation: TAIC
Applications: as a kind of multifunctional alkene monomer with aromatic heterocycle,
TAIC is widely used as the corss-linkingagent, modifier and assistant vulcanizer
of thermoplastics, ionexchange resin and special rubber. It is also an intermediate
(additive) of photoassimilating coating, photoresists and flame retardant.

 Appearance: liquid clear (crystal)
 Hue (Pt-Co method): <50
 Active content: 98.5% min
 Acid value (mgKOH/g): 0.2 max

Metal drum. Net weight is 200kg or 25kg. Stored and transported as safe goods. Avoid
high temperatures
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