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Chemicals >> Plasticizers
Chemicals >> Disinfectant & Biocide
Chemicals >> barium salts
Chemicals >> Plant Extract
Chemicals >> Fine chemicals
Water treatment system >> Reverse Osmose Membrane
Water treatment system >> Ultra-filtration Membrane
Construction Materials >> Rock Wool
Construction Materials >> Glass Wool
Outdoor Shower >> Solar Shower
Outdoor Shower >> Wooden Shower
Switch >> Automatic Transfer Switch
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Teamax International Limited is a general industrial company with its headquarter located in Hong Kong and two branch companies in Mainland China.Founded by a group of ambitious and energetic people full of dreams, we have developed ourselves to be an experienced and reliable supplier through years of hard work. Our core import and export business is chemical products, including plasticizers, disinfectant & biocides and food additives. Now, we have established one Mainland head office { Shijiazhuang Unison Co.,Ltd. } and a subsidiary company as our manufacturing facilities for chemical production and R&D. With the concerted efforts of all these industrial entities and through the efforts of our diligent staff, our sales netw...          see more>>
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